“Pauline is a new and trusted friend. I have only known her since returning from her bout with depression however the bright, buoyant, happy person she is today gives you no clues as to where she has come from. As a person who has lived an ordinary life, reading this book showed me that at times I also have been touched quite deeply by depression. I discovered that it’s dark, relentlessness is actually no stranger to me.

The simplicity with which Pauline outlines the path she courageously traveled is enlightening, uplifting and above all easy to relate to. It clearly shows that we are not alone in our journey and as she so aptly puts it, “the light at the end of the tunnel is not always a freight train”.

– Gary Hobley, Copywriter, Brisbane Australia


“On reading “From Depression’s Darkness to the Light Of Life” by Pauline Longdon, it gave me opportunity to feel her journey from Darkness to Light and understand better what it can be like for her as well as some others afflicted with this illness.

Using her experiences it was easy to understand the levels of the ‘Depression Mass’ that you can feel through your body that isn’t visible on the outside to friends and family in your daily life. The pictures give a powerful message that can’t be contained in words & gave me exceptional clarity in a non-verbal way. They also show her reality and that would in turn allow others to just see they are NOT alone, in their lonely world, and be able to communicate how they feel without words.

Now that you have purchased this book, keep it beside you if you have “Depression”, keep it in your Library to give to others however make sure you read it for it is a beautiful journey of someone with the extraordinary gift and courage to put into practice what she learnt. Now you have been given the opportunity to witness her wisdom.”

Ms. Glenys Fallon, Retired Counsellor, Brisbane Australia


“Having had my own experience with depression I found Pauline’s book quite profound. The illustrations were powerful in their simplicity but beautifully portrayed what she was going through and I feel that if I have had the opportunity to read this when I was in my darkest place it would have helped me enormously.

Pauline has shown that no matter what you are going through there IS light at the end of the seemingly endless, black tunnel, and that each and every one of us is worth the struggle to find that light.  Another important message that Pauline has shared in this book is that we each have our own journey and our own way of doing things and what works for one may not work for another and that is OK but don’t give up because you ARE worth it.

If you are experiencing your own struggle with depression or know someone who is, I can strongly recommend ‘From Depressions Darkness to the Light of Life’. It is not only easy to read, and lets face it, when you struggle with depression even the simplest task can seem insurmountable, but the illustrations cross all the boundaries of age, gender, socioeconomics, race etc. Quite simply, this book has the ability to touch everyone on every level.”

– Jazz MacCotter, Business Partner – MacCotter Termite & Pest Control, Brisbane Australia


“Through tears I am attempting to write this testimonial.  I have had the privilege of being one of the first to read this beautiful honest, heart wrenching, enlightening, funny, beautiful book.

I am struck by how brave Pauline is in sharing her story and with the absolute knowledge this is just what the world needs to hear in simple plain gentle words and pictures.

If you have ever suffered depression or are currently struggling with depression you must read this it will change the way you feel. The hopelessness you may feel will be lifted by just consuming this great book.

I wish I had a copy of this when I was struggling and can relate when Pauline mentions how many skills she had lost in those dark times. I knew things were at their lowest when I stood in my kitchen and forgot how to make a coffee.

Thank you for being strong enough to share this most precious moment of your life. With Gratitude and much.”

– Jacqui O’Hara, Sydney Australia


“Pauline’s book, “From Depression’s Darkness to the Light of Life” felt like a breath of fresh air to me.  I loved the simple (but complex) message.  The images were amazing, I felt like I could really feel the journey, from the darkness to the light – the darkness felt low and heavy, which is what depression does, and coming into the light, free and expansive.  It’s a book to be read by all, even for younger persons!  When one suffers depression, we all do – and to be aware of what the journey of depression is like, can help many on the planet.  I celebrate with Pauline, the beauty, simplicity and love that is palpable throughout this book.

– Deb Drechsler, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker & Presenter,
Co-Author “In the Spirit of Success”,  Sunshine Coast  Australia


Depression maybe defined as “sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted, by any objective reason.” (Dictionary.com)  This illness, is one I have chronically experienced and “there are no quick fixes”….however “From Depression’s Darkness To The Light of Life”, by Pauline Longdon, is a raw and personal insight into depression and how this condition can consume someone’s life.  The simple words and colourful illustrations remind us that although these times can be very dark, eventually you can see the light again.

Whether you are depressed, have been depressed or know someone who is a depressed, this book is a MUST!

Someone experiencing these emotions can find it so difficult to acknowledge these feelings, let alone talk or even write about it.  Congratulations Pauline! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, with the world, with this invaluable tool.”

– Leah Elizabeth Olsson, Primary School Music Teacher & Theta Healer, Brisbane Australia


“It sucks to not feel good! It sucks even more to not feel good for a long time! It triple-sucks to not know how to handle and change not feeling good! Being stuck in depression is something nobody deserves. Each individual is meant to feel good and thrive! All the time, and in all areas of life.

“From Depression’s Darkness to the Light of Life” manages to illustrate in a simple yet poignant way, how it feels to not feel good and live with depression. This book gently takes your inner child by the hand, tells it a tale of hope and relief, and nurtures it with its original art work.

While hope is great, what if I told you that on top of hope, this book also shares one the most powerful tools that are currently out there to change depression? What if after reading this book, you will not only know that you are not alone, that there is hope, but more importantly, what to do next about (your) depression?

In my personal experience, I’ve found that ThetaHealing is one of the most profound and efficient tools for emotional, physical, spiritual and mental transformation.

I’ve seen it in my own life, I see it almost daily with my own clients, it’s amazing and gratifying beyond words.

I want to thank Pauline for sharing part of her journey with us and making this wonderful technique more known to the world. ThetaHealing can create joy and abundance in a person’s life. One potential side effect I want to warn everyone about is that sharing joy actually multiplies it. This book invites to take it in, and spread it around.

– Leila Kubegusa, Business & IT Transformation Consultant and Teacher,
Thetahealing Practitioner and Teacher, Belgium


“The minute I started to read the proof for “From Depressions Darkness To The Light Of Life” I was instantly excited and knew it was going to be good. What I hadn’t prepared myself for though was how I could have been reading my own story!

When you are told You have depression and you’re not alone, & there are lots of other sufferers, from a personal point of view, I didn’t think anyone could possibly be feeling as bad as I was but Pauline’s book has shown that they do which is such a good thing to those who are suffering & need just one bit of inspiration to help them on their way to finding their light at the end of their tunnel <3 The pictures are amazing and will also benefit children & young adult sufferers by encouraging them to express how they feel by drawing.

Pauline you are an amazing lady & I wish you all the luck love health & happiness in all you do xxx”

– Soraya Connolly, Full-Time Mum, Hertfordshire UK


“Everyone at some point in their lives feels that they have hit bottom, only to find that their journey down is only beginning.  You don’t know how you got on this path, you only know that you are there and you don’t know how to get out.  Although the support and love from those around us help us on our journey back,  ultimately we are the drivers of our own destiny, we are the ones that must dig deep to emerge from the shadows.

Pauline’s book “From Depression’s Darkness to the Light of Life” shows a path of darkness and despair that all too many people are familiar with.  Her simple thoughts and pictures carry this message exquisitely, and show that there is hope, there is light, and that love and energy for life can be renewed.”

– Diane Chatterjee, Livermore, CA, USA


“Written from the core of her being, Pauline Longdon’s book, “From Depression’s Darkness To The Light Of Life”, is simplistic yet realistically powerful. With thought provoking illustrations, Longdon’s approach allows the reader to “see” and “feel” inside the depressed mind.

From Depression’s Darkness, the reader is taken on a journey of metamorphosis, from dark to light and all that happens in between. Longdon explains how depression can and will change you. She explains how even when you are down there is always a lower level. She also explains how each experience makes one stronger and wiser, how the tunnel becomes clearer, how the trapped change into beautiful beings, eventually flying high into the light.

An incredibly easy read, yet one that will stay with me for a while.  Simple to understand, thought provoking, written from the heart.”

– Jenny Sharp


“I just read the book “From Depression’s Darkness to the Light of Life”, by Pauline Longdon.  I am continuing to sniffle as I wept as I looked at the pictures and related it to my own life’s .journey.  The visual imagery of the book gives a reader time to reflect on their own personal experiences as you are not bombarded by just words on a page.

Creative Expression – whether it be drawing, painting, music, singing, dancing – there are so many ways to express ourselves creatively and Pauline was able to express herself though drawing.  I also found expressing myself in a creative way – usually singing or dancing was my way to bring myself back from the Darkness.

The forward by Rae Brent gave an insight into how Pauline was “always bending over backwards to help people”.  I identify Pauline as a “Giver and “People Pleaser” throughout her nursing and Army career which drove her to the depths of depression.  This makes one feel “never good enough” -something I can clearly relate to and identify with.  Years and years of giving and feeling “never enough” lead to my own depression. Like Pauline, I was also prescribed chemical anti-depressant medication however I rejected this chemical support and tried to “find” other ways to find my true self again.

I also valued audio support as I was never able to finish reading any book.  I am a visual learner and found the combination of short dialogue with a vibrant picture very empowering to the reader.

Her suggestions at the end of the book are ones that I am continuing to include in my daily life to assist in my road to recovery.

  • As a “People Pleaser”, I have difficulty removing the work should from my vocabulary due to outside criticism.  Releasing the need “to please” others is part of my learning
  • NOT – Becoming aware of that word was one of my first steps.
  • I AM – Choosing my words very carefully.  I always said “I am sick and tired of….. “  hence I became sick (depressed) and tired.
  • I like Pauline’s suggestion to say “I am free from depression”
  • I now have stopped listening to negativity and rarely listen to the news on the television and don’t turn on the radio.

Personally meeting Pauling and learning about ThetaHealing has helped me in my journey returning from the darkness.  She is helping me become a participant in life rather than just an observer of life. Thanks Pauline.”

– Cassandra McIntyre, Teacher, Pittsworth  Australia


“As a person who has suffered from depression and come out the other side I know & completely get Pauline’s life story. Most people go through depression & either takes their own life of come out the other side never to utter those words again. Pauline has not only uttered them, she has bared her heart & soul in a book, so others don’t need to feel alone. This book is able to be used as a tool from the very young to the more mature. Pauline has kept it so easy to read, yet with so much compassion and depth. Pauline in the short time I have know you, you are a ball of energy, love & laughter. You are an inspiration.

This book with touch, help & give HOPE to millions of people all over the world.”

– Sandy Hobley, Business Development – Buzzmatics Emotional Marketing, Ferny Hills  Australia

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