Australian Author "Shines The Light On Depression"...

"Discover How YOU Can Easily Start the Conversation about Depression... Even if... Your Loved One Strongly Denies Suffering From It"

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from depression?... Or are you one of the unsung heroes supporting one of the millions of people suffering from depression?

1 in 4 people are affected by this crippling disorder... and if the statistics are right then chances are depression has made an impact on your life in some way or another!

From:    Pauline Longdon, Author & Artist – Brisbane… Australia

Dear Friend,

If you want a simple way to unlock the unfathomable deep dark mysteries of depression then this could be the end of your tiresome search.

Please Let Me Explain…

My name is Pauline Longdon, and like millions of people through out history and around the world, I have battled through the darkness of depression, won the fight and now want to show others how to do the same with a simple and fun illustrated book that’s “shining the light” to recover from depression.

Some well known casualties of this battle have been Sir Winston Churchill, Heath Ledger, Jim Carrey, Billy Joel and even Harrison Ford, as well as multitudes of everyday people like me and you.

I could fill up this whole page with names… but that doesn’t help anyone especially not you.

Let’s get to the point of why you are here. I have created a small book called “From Depression’s Darkness To The Light Of Life” which is the story of my personal journey and battle with depression.

Why did I do this?

Great question!

Because someone has to talk about it in a way we can all understand.

“…I saw me on every page of her book. She could very well have been writing about me.  I recommend “From Depression’s Darkness into the Light of Life” to anyone who is facing their own battle, has been through their own battle, or knows someone who has fought this battle at some point. The insights provided in this book are tremendously illuminating and encouraging.  She’ll make you realise that we are all survivors and that that is something to celebrate and embrace.”

~ Dr Narelle Biedermann, Author and owner Prim Essence, Puckapunyal Australia,


When I told my close friends about my idea of writing a book on depression, you could have heard the groans on the other side of the world!

I was told fairly bluntly “No one wants to hear about it and they especially don’t want to read about it!”.

Many of them have had depression themselves and I could see where they were coming from.

Many of the books written about depression are stale, dry and academic.

I had been given these types of books to read when I was depressed and I know it made me even more depressed just thinking about reading them.

There is also another problem with reading a book about depression!

Some of the signs and symptoms of depression include:

  • loss of memory,
  • the inability to concentrate,
  • an inability to focus,
  • loss of memory, and
  • the inability to concentrate…


So how does a person with depression read a book??

Did I mention people with depression can’t concentrate…

“Here we go I thought… another person’s version of when they were depressed and what they did and how they fought it! So I put my hand in the air to say I’d surely give my impressions of this newly formed ‘depression’ book. Needless to say I procrastinated about reading it, and it has taken me a few days to “get round to it”.  I did also transfer my procrastination to skimming the first few pages – the acknowledgment the notes from the author and the forward, just so I could ‘get it over with”.  So with my breath held, thinking I was in for the long haul I proceeded…and oh boy… WAS I WRONG!…

– Jacqui Cook, Mother/Administration Team Leader/Spiritual Advisor, Brisbane Qld


People would recommend books to me and I would buy them just to shut them up, knowing full well I was never going to read them.  And still to this day, true to my word they are in the book shelf untouched or thrown away in frustration.

There needed to be something simple, able to hold my attention and let me know I wasn’t alone… There was nothing.

Another stroke of genius was the idea to have my friends and family read those same books.  As if they weren’t suffering enough without trying to make them read a book about what I was going through.

It all seemed so hopeless and it was all too hard.

At this time I was battling my own super-sized demons. I had lost the ability to read or write and even at times speaking was not an option.

I had no effective way to communicate with the outside world.

Then one day in absolute frustration I tried to draw a small picture about what I was going through.

It was just a simple little stick figure I had been drawing for years.

It worked!

I had found a way to connect with the “outside” world and the little figure quickly became a lifeline of simple yet powerful communication.

“I just read the book “From Depression’s Darkness to the Light of Life”, by Pauline Longdon.  I am continuing to sniffle as I wept as I looked at the pictures and related it to my own life’s journey.  The visual imagery of the book gives a reader time to reflect on their own personal experiences as you are not bombarded by just words on a page. Thanks Pauline.”

– Cassandra McIntyre, Teacher, Pittsworth,  Queensland.  Australia


An idea was born…


I started to wonder if other people could benefit from these little pictures.

I began to get excited and then it all became too hard so I promptly forgot the idea. Depression has a way of doing that to people.

Years passed and occasionally I would play with the drawings.

Eventually I compiled them into a book and because I was so self doubting… I would put them away again.

This went on for over 4 years until at the end of 2011, I decided it was time to get serious.

I told some friends and they were pretty unexcited about the whole thing, but this time something had changed…

I was determined to make it work…

So I started working on the pictures and putting them into a format that wouldn’t frustrate the reader.

It was painstakingly slow because I didn’t know how to work the computer program and everything that could go wrong did!

I took the finished file to the printer and my closest friends were surprised at the end result.


I couldn’t believe it myself…



There were my drawings in a book with a life of their own.

Just to see if anyone was interested in the book I asked if people wanted to read it and write a testimonial and I was inundated with replies.

All of the testimonials were so positive and so that leads me to here… releasing a book which is going to change how people see and speak about depression.

“From Depressions Darkness To The Light Of Life” is in itself a light to shine into the dark corners of Depression, and I am certain it will help many, many people, of all ages, all over the world. One day, I will be saying: “I was there at the birth of a book that changed the face of how we talk about depression”

– Anayah Joi Holilly, Founder & Executive Producer: The Angel Heart Radio Network®



Now I realise not everyone wants to buy a book on the internet and unfortunately this is the only way you can buy this book right now.

If you have ever had depression you would know the thought of rejection is something you want to avoid so I am Self Publising this book to avoid any type of rejection from publishers.

Selfishly I wanted to keep everything as simple as I could for me.


To help you decide, here are some reasons why this book is worth buying:

  • Writing (as in words) have been kept to a minimum to make it simple to read
  • Illustrations are simple and easy to understand
  • It has been written by a depressed person with the depressed person in mind
  • The “point and show” format makes it easy to explain how you are feeling to others
  • The book includes the names of others who have been in a similar situation

“I have known depression personally.  Tears spilled from my eyes as I read this book, for this isolating illness became a shared experience, an honoured journey.  The artwork is simple, which is the perfect balm for a brain that is fogged-up and exhausted.  It acknowledges the darkness, but the subtle whisperings of hope graced every page.  There is treasure here. As a person who works in the field of depression, I am thrilled to discover such a powerful resource.  Thank you Pauline Longdon, for sharing your light.”

– Fi Moger, Telephone Counsellor, Melbourne Australia

 So what’s the answer??

You can choose to buy the book here or you can keep searching the ever disappearing bookshops for a book which explains depression only half as well as “From Depression’s Darkness To The Light Of Life”.


I just remember how frustrated I was in my search and really wish this book was available to me and my loved ones.

They do too!

The GOOD News is

It is available for you to own right NOW either as an e-Book or as a soft-cover book.

The GREAT News is…

When you purchase a copy of  “From Depression’s Darkness To The Light Of Life”, 10% of the profits will be donated to depression organisations across the globe.

I look forward to hearing what you think about “From Depression’s Darkness To The Light Of Life”.



Pauline Longdon

P.S.   There has never been an easier way to “explain” to people what you are going through when you are depressed than in this book.  Use it to help people understand you and help you.

P.P.S.   You have read this far so obviously you are interested!  Just click the button below and buy the easiest to understand book ever written on depression.  Get in quick to receive the book launch specials.  Stop reading and start clicking!!


“Pauline, your book “From Depression’s Darkness to the Light of Life” is a breath of fresh air. It’s so simple, yet so life changing.

Having suffered from depression to the point of surviving an attempted suicide in February 2008… and sticking my head over the cliff of death on several occasions, I wish your book was available years ago.

I’ve overcome depression and have never looked back. Anyone who is suffering from depression in any way should do themselves and their loved ones a favor by getting your book and reading it again and again.

When you do, your depression will vanish before you know it, you will regain your life and the smiles will return to your face like never before.”

– Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook, Brisbane Australia


“…reading “From Depression’s Darkness To The Light Of Life” by Pauline Longdon, gave me opportunity to feel her journey from Darkness to Light and understand better what it can be like for her as well as some others afflicted with this illness.

Using her experiences it was easy to understand the levels of the ‘Depression Mass’ that you can feel through your body that isn’t visible on the outside to friends and family in your daily life.

The pictures give a  powerful message that can’t be contained in words & gave me exceptional clarity in a non-verbal way. They also show her reality and that would in turn allow others to just see they are NOT alone, in their lonely world, and be able to communicate how they feel without words.

Now that you have purchased this book, keep it beside you if you have “Depression”, keep it in your Library to give to others however make sure you read it for it is a beautiful journey of someone with the extraordinary gift and courage to put into practice what she learnt.

Now you have been given the opportunity to witness her wisdom.”

– Ms. Glenys Fallon, Retired Counsellor, Brisbane Australia



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